Hydrogen to Power. The critical connection between future fuels and current transport and industry challenges.

Globo Hydrogen Power™ (GHP™) is an industry-leading fuel enhancement system which is installed into trucks, buses and power generators to upgrade traditional petrol and diesel engines into cost-saving, emissions-reducing, hydrogen hybrid engines.

Marketed by Sydney-based Hydrogen2Power, this unique system addresses two major challenges facing industry - cost and compliance.


The GHP™ process burns fossil fuels more completely leaving less emissions emitted via the exhaust system. Achieve up to 45% reduction in negative greenhouse gas emissions.



Realise up to 40% fuel savings for increased profitability, improved productivity and greater competitiveness in a highly competitive sector.


Hydrogen is one of the safest fuels available. Hydrogen is scientifically classified as more stable and less toxic than fossil fuels such as petrol, LPG and diesel. Mild steel cylinders are used which are proven resistant to serious impact.


Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity, Improve Competitiveness

Improve Competitiveness

Cut fuel costs up to 40%

  • This non-invasive system allows hydrogen, the green energy of the future, to be used in the engines of today with minimal installation, minimal outlay and without the necessity to replace the engine's entire fuel system.
  • A system which easily transforms high cost, high fuel-using, high emissions-producing equipment into economic, safe, green and value-add asset.
  • Upgrade high cost petrol and diesel power to lower cost, lower emission hydrogen hybrid engines with fossil fuel and hydrogen working together.
  • No design change and no functional change to engine - hydrogen is added to the air/fuel mix.
  • Replacement cylinders readily available through BOC Gases or your preferred supplier.
  • Delivering up to 40% fuel cost savings to improve productivity and increase business competitiveness.
  • Installation on your site in a few hours minimises engine downtime.
  • Time and cost efficient installation by authorised technicians.
  • Suits wide range of buses, trucks, heavy vehicles and power generators.
  • Upgrade a single engine or your entire fleet.
  • Hydrogen ensures you burn your fuel more completely. For every dollar you spend in fuel you beneficially burn almost all of that dollar in the combustion process.

Meet Regulatory Compliance, Safety & Targets

Meet Targets

Reduce Emissions Up To 45%

  • Enhance green business credentials and environmental contribution.
  • Independent R & D Emission Reduction Testing resulted in up to 45% reduction in negative greenhouse emissions.
  • 99.995% pure hydrogen gas, an inert gas in storage within hydrogen gas cylinders.
  • Gas supplied to the engine via mild steel cylinders capable of receiving intense impact without compromising safety.
  • No Increase in Nitrous Oxide (NOx) or sulpher beyond OEM Engine Compliance Plate Issue.
  • Product Design Insurance Coverage by Lloyds of London Insurance Underwriting.
  • GHP™ Mechanical Kits Manufactured to ASA/ISO/EU Standards.
  • Installed by trained, authorised technicians.

For technical specifications and details and testing results READ MORE >>

The unique GHP™ system is now entering the market place in Project Partnership with the United Nations Energy and Environment Division. The system is sold and marketed through Hydrogen2Power Australia and its resellers.

Be at the forefront of the transformation to a lower cost, lower emissions transport industry with H2P™ hydrogen hybrid powered vehicles in your fleet. Contact us today to discuss enhancing your vehicles with GHP™ Hydrogen2Power

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