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Globo Hydro Power™ (GHP™) is an industry-leading fuel enhancement system which is installed into trucks, buses and power generators to upgrade a petrol or diesel engine into a cost-saving, emissions-reducing hydrogen hybrid engine.


Not an alternative fuel and not an engine replacement. GHP™ is a fuel enhancement system which is installed in a wide range of vehicle engines to enable fossil fuels - petrol and diesel - to work together with hydrogen gas to reduce fuel costs and negative greenhouse emissions.

Scientific Process, Practical Outcomes

The GHP™ process helps fuel burn more efficiently during the combustion process of an internal combustion engine, which generally operate at 52 - 58% burn efficiency. With internal combustion alone, 42 - 48% of fuel is left unburnt following combustion proceedings, of which is released into the atmosphere as pollution through an engine exhaust system.

Upgrading a traditional engine into a hydrogen hybrid engine allows fossil fuel and hydrogen to jointly run an engine. Fuel savings and negative greenhouse gas emissions reduction are realised as the more expensive petrol or diesel is replaced with cheaper hydrogen.

Hydrogen utilised in a gaseous state easily enters into the air intake of an engine without the need to change engine sensors to accept hydrogen. Engine sensors accept hydrogen gas as hydrogen is an already present chemical within fossil fuel "Hydro Carbon Fuel".


The process has been found to reduce fuel costs up to 40%

R & D Fuel Consumption Testing, as Independently Witnessed by the Inventors Society of Australia resulted up to 40% savings in fuel consumption in Automotive applications when fitted with the GHP™ system.

Advanced Fuel Consumption Testing utilising the Australian Standards 4430.2-2004 methodology, as Independently Witnesses by the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers resulted in 41% - 46% savings in fuel consumption in Automotive applications when fitted with the GHP™ product - savings are variable in line with motor vehicle type, age of a motor vehicle, maintenance conditions of a motor vehicle, engine size and capacity, fuel quality and type utilised to operate a motor vehicle.

The process has been found to achieve up to 45% reduction in negative greenhouse gas emissions

R & D Emission Reduction Testing utilising IM 240 Laboratory Testing, as Independently Conducted by the Roads and Traffic Authority  - RTA (an Australian Government Authority empowered to approve/disapprove road worthiness of motor vehicles) resulted up to 45% reduction in negative greenhouse emissions on an overall basis when the GHP™ product was added to automotive applications.


Safety Accreditations and Certification

  • GHP™ product is tested and proven to ASA/ISO Standards.
  • GHP™ utilises Hydrogen at the Purity of 99.995% making it an Inert Gas.
  • Gas supplied to the engine via mild steel cylinders capable of receiving intense impact without compromising safety.
  • No Increase in Nitrous Oxide (NOx) or sulpher beyond OEM Engine Compliance Plate Issue.
  • Product Design Insurance Coverage by Lloyds of London Insurance Underwriting.

The GHP™ system is installed by authorised installers, on-site at your depot, to reduce vehicle downtime during the upgrade process.

The kit includes:

  1. Hydrogen Storage Cylinder securely installed onto an appropriate space of the vehicle.
  2. Hydrogen Hosing feeds hydrogen gas from the storage cylinder into the engine bay of an internal combustion engine.
  3. Automotive Vapour Hosing feeds hydrogen gas from the hydrogen hosing into a solenoid valve.
  4. Solenoid Valve is connected to a motor vehicle's accelerator cable, permitting hydrogen flow only on acceleration, thus shutting down gas flow when there is no acceleration.
  5. Hydrogen Mixes with Fuel to enhance fuel burn, creating a more efficient fuel economy.
  6. Up to 45% less Negative Greenhouse Emissions are released into atmosphere via the exhaust system.



About Hydrogen2Power Australia

Hydrogen2Power is the Australian Product Distributor for the new green technology Fuel Enhancement product, known as Globo Hydro Power™ technology.

In recent times, much has been written about the emerging green technology industry in Australia and globally, which has been driven by concerns for environmental pollution of green-house gas emissions, particularly within the transport and related industries, and calls for the need for tighter environmental pollution protection measures, and the need for innovative and sustainable green technologies into the future.

The GHP™ product is now well positioned as a solution within the Australian Green Technology Industry as an effective Fuel Enhancement Product targeting a range of Internal Combustion Engines, including commercial vehicles, trucks, coaches, power generators, agricultural machinery, mining equipment, and locomotive, aviation and marine transport, which are major sources of green-house gas emissions pollution into the environment. The product is non-invasive, safe and proven to save businesses and individuals money, whilst being a solution for governments and industry in helping to meet greenhouse emissions targets, and contributing to a greener environment for future generations to enjoy.  

As an innovative green fuel enhancement technology for internal combustion engines, the GHP™ technology is The Link between Fossil Fuelled Engines of Today and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engines of Tomorrow.


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