Frequently Asked Questions

Globo Hydro Power™ The Product:

Utilises known Science of Fuel Enhancement and Commercialises the Technology.
Is an Aftermarket System added to Existing Older Styled Engines - No OEM Objections.
Utilises Hydrogen Gas it is not a Fuel Cell System using Liquid Hydrogen so it is a Fuel Enhancement System not Alternative Fuel System.
Hydrogen Gas Supplied to an Engine is via Exchangeable Cylinders - Hand Wheel Connection and Disconnection.
Utilises Commercially Produced and Stored Hydrogen Gas at a Purity of 99.995% over Electrolysis of Water Systems of 50% Purity.
Hydrogen Gas is explosive at the Ratio of 4 Parts Oxygen and 1 Part Hydrogen in a Fully Contained Space - Globo Hydro Power™ Hydrogen Gas is Inert.
Hydrogen Gas Cylinders are Manufactured of Mild Steel 5mm Internally so can withstand Impact Hits including a Handgun Bullet Hit.
Hydrogen Gas is Lighter in Weight than Helium so if released from a Storage Cylinder it will rise to the Atmosphere immediately.
Hydrogen Gas Cylinders are Regulatory Permitted to be Stored on Customer Premises Outdoors in All Weather Conditions.
Hydrogen Gas Cylinders are to be Delivered to Customer Premises - Monthly Delivery of Full Cylinders / Collection of Empty Cylinders.
Product Installation onto a Customer's Engine is performed by Engine Mechanics and Assistants skilled in Globo Hydro Power™ technology.
As a Fuel Enhancer not an Alternative Fuel System there is No Additional Insurance Coverage or Work Safety Compliance Requirements.
As a Commercial Product it comes with Product Warranties and Engine Damage Insurance - Personal and Property Insurance.
GHP IP Pty Ltd of Australia take responsibility for Proven Engine Damage caused by Globo Hydro Power™ usage.
Offers Fuel $ Savings and Negative Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction when In Operation on and Engine
If Hydrogen Gas Supply runs out Engine continues to Operate on Full Petrol or Diesel.
Average Cylinder Supply of 1,200 Gas Litres travels Sydney to Melbourne - Engine Size and Variances apply.
Multiple Gas Cylinders can be Linked together for Long Distance Travel or Extended Engine Operating Times.
Trade Secret is the Stoichmetric Formula of Air/Hydrogen/Fuel for Engine Safety and Efficiency.

Globo Hydro Power™ Warranty:

Does installing the Globo Hydro Power™ product void my factory warranty ?
Installation of the Globo Hydro Power™ product to an engine does not void any manufacturer’s warranty.
Globo Hydro Power™ is an after-market engine adaptation that is not an amendment to an engine. The installed unit is a fuel enhancing system that can be easily fitted and removed without effect to an engines original design and/or functionality. Buyers are referred to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Australian Consumer Law in relation to manufacturers warranties. Globo Hydro Power™ product installation complies with all Australian Consumer Law requirements.
Is there a warranty covering this product?
If in any circumstances, the Globo Hydro Power™ product is the direct cause or malfunction or damage to an engine then the Globo Hydro Power™ warranty and insurance extends to repairs that are a direct consequence of the defect or malfunction caused by the Globo Hydro Power™ product. A complete product warranty statement is available on request


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