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Hydrogen to Power. The critical connection between future fuels and current energy challenges.

Globo Hydro Power™ (GHP™) is a non-invasive fuel enhancement system which is installed into generators to upgrade traditional petrol and diesel engines into cost-saving, emissions-reducing, hydrogen hybrid engines.

Power Generators or Gen Sets, are utilised for the supply of electricity for a wide range of purposes, used in many locations and in extremely diverse environments. With a lifespan of 30 plus years, owners are looking to get the maximum productivity from their units over their working life by minimising operating costs while meeting compliance requirements.

Operators face the challenges of dealing with the costs of the high fuel consumption of gen sets - that use from 20 Litres to >500 Litres per hour and the large quantity of negative greenhouse emissions. These emissions are unburnt fuel which represent wasted dollars.

GHP™ installed in generators creates a better burn of fuel during combustion resulting in significant fuel savings and reduction in emissions.

Not an alternative fuel and not an engine replacement. GHP™ is a fuel enhancement system which is installed in a wide range of vehicle engines to enable fossil fuels - petrol and diesel - to work together with hydrogen gas to reduce fuel costs and negative greenhouse emissions.


  • Easily installed upgrade for traditional petrol and diesel engines.
  • Non-invasive process.
  • Eliminates the need to replace an engine in order to achieve emissions reductions.
  • Exchangeable cylinders of compressed hydrogen gas are conveniently fitted onto a vehicle becoming part of the generators operating system.
  • Replacement cylinders readily available through Australian gas suppliers.
  • GHP™ system is installed on-site at your depot in a few hours per generator to minimise downtime.
  • Installation by GHP™ authorised installers - just contact us to arrange a suitable time.

Technical Details

The GHP™ fuel enhancement kit includes:

  • Hydrogen Storage Cylinder securely installed into an appropriate area of the generator.
  • Hydrogen hosing feeds hydrogen gas from the storage cylinder into the engine bay of an internal combustion engine.
  • Vapour hosing feeds hydrogen gas from the hydrogen hosing into a solenoid valve.
  • Solenoid Valve is connected to a motor's accelerator cable, permitting hydrogen flow only on acceleration, thus shutting down gas flow when there is no acceleration.
  • Hydrogen mixes with fuel to enhance fuel burn, creating a more efficient fuel economy.
  • Up to 45% less negative greenhouse emissions are released into atmosphere via the exhaust system.


Up to 40% savings in fuel consumption and Up to 45% reduction in negative greenhouse emissions.

Reduce your costs, improve your productivity, meet your compliance obligations and sharpen your competitive edge when bidding on lucrative contracts and tenders.

Be at the forefront of the transformation to a lower cost, lower emissions power industry with GHP™ hydrogen hybrid powered engines in your fleet.

Key safety and compliance features:

  • Hydrogen gas cylinders are fabricated of mild steel, a metal that withholds hydrogen gas molecules, while other metal fabrications permit seepage.
  • G Size Cylinder 8,800 Litres are commonly used singular or in banks for power generators
  • Hydrogen Gas Cylinders can be positioned in direct heat as Hydrogen Gas can expand to 3 Times its fill capacity before becoming unstable and can be placed in direct heat up to 575 degrees Celsius, making H2P suitable for many generator operating environments.
  • Cylinders are colour coded red to indicate hydrogen gas
  • Cylinders are left hand thread connections unique to hydrogen gas
  • Cylinders are ISO EN 12205 – 2001 / TPED 99/36 CE Standards Compliant
  • Hydrogen gas flow is controlled by a 2 Stage Regulator maintaining flow rate consistently. Regulator is ISO 2503 Design Standard Compliant.
  • Pressure Regulators reducing hydrogen gas cylinder pressure into the engine are fitted with a safety release valve that will dump all gas immediately if a cylinder becomes unstable.
  • Hydrogen gas flow is reduced and controlled by gas regulator
  • Gas flow is uniquely controlled by a 2nd Stage Regulator.
  • Any gas vented from the storage cylinder will rise and dissipate naturally and quickly into the atmosphere unlike other fuels (LPG/Diesel) that pool and lay low around the location of a gas leak.
  • High Pressure Braided Transfer Hosing which is hydrogen compliant is used, not just acetylene hosing.
  • Industry name brand suppliers of components utilised to ensure Quality, Safety and Reliability Assurance

The GHP™ Power Generator Installation Kit

  1. Hydrogen Storage Cylinder securely fitted to side of a generator.
  2. Hydrogen Hosing feeds hydrogen gas from the storage cylinder into the air intake of the generator.
  3. Hydrogen Mixes with Fuel to enhance fuel burn, creating a more efficient fuel economy.
  4. Up to 45% less Negative Greenhouse Emissions are released into atmosphere via the exhaust system.

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